Jennifer Melot's Personal Website

Hi. I am Jennifer Melot - this one, not the Frenchwoman (although we're friends on Facebook!) - and this is my personal website. Professionally, I work on Human Language Technology projects, and I love building tools (especially web applications) that help people do their jobs. Playing with data, formal languages, and human subjects experiments/user testing/crowdsourcing are fun too.

In my spare time I'm a bicycle advocate on the Lexington Bicycle Advisory Committee. In 2014 I built this website using public data from Cambridge. Although if I were to do it again I'd make some tweaks to the metric, and there have been some definite infrastructure improvements, I think it largely still applies. In 2016 I circulated and delivered a petition asking for protected bike lanes on Waltham/Lexington St. The closest either Waltham or Lexington have come to this is a brief section of buffered bike lane on Lexington St, made less useful by the fact that there is no bike lane at all on the other side of the three-lane, 40 mph road. But it's a start.

During the summers, I volunteer at the Watch City Bike Lab in Waltham. Come by with your broken bike (or bike questions) on Sundays and we'll (try to) fix it together.

During the school year, I volunteer at the Girls Who Code Club in Reading. Helping these girls develop the skills needed to build stuff themeselves has been one of the best things I've experienced. There's nothing like the looks on their faces when they first understand something, or when they've built something and want to show it off to all of us. :) We are especially lucky that our club is populated with really funny and kind kids.

I live in East Lexington near the beautiful Minuteman Commuter Bikeway with my parrot Hansie, an endlessly fascinating and dramatic (better than a soap opera!) 50-gal freshwater community fishtank, and too many plants. I built this website to detect and monitor birds at my outdoor birdfeeders, a really fun project that was unfortunately put on hold when my condo complex made everyone take their birdfeeders down. Although I'm an all-weather bike commuter (love my Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tires!), I don't do much recreational riding. That may be starting to change, though - in 2018 I rode my bike down part of the coast of California and I think I'm not done touring yet.

This is basically what I look like although I'm a little less colorful when not in a parade. :)